All MBTA programs have developmental character towards better, technically more sound and more successfull game. It's never just plain hitting of the tennis balls!! We challenge you and your game in order to make both better!!



Lessons conducted personally by Dr. Martin G. Baroch for players of any level from top professional players to hobby players, but with commitment to really improve. Highly effective private or semi-private lessons oriented towards fast, effective and enjoyable improvement (correction) of a given field/ tennis stroke or of the entire game in the direction of the world-class tennis. It is really possible for every tennis player! Just the intensity will be different each time, based on player's ability. Improvement is guaranteed! May be the world's best place to correct your technical mistakes (sometimes also called the "Cape of the Last Hope") is here!! Lessons including court fee from US$ 140.00 (CHF 140.00).

"TENNIS STROKE DOCTOR" - 2 hour program including video-analysis, video comparisson with the world-class players captured on unique super slow motion video (250 instead of 25 frames per second), correction of your problem tennis stroke/s and an easy to understand follow-up advice with written guidance. In the case of your full commitment to improve, Dr. Martin G. Baroch guarantees significant improvement of at least one stroke after this 2 hour program. Should you not improve, the program is FREE and you pay nothing! Prize US$ 400.00 (CHF 395.00) including court fee at our base in Horgen/Switzerland and US$ 350.00 elsewhere - exclusive court fee. Special conditions for American Express Card holders!!


2/ Non-boarding short/mid/long-term programs

For induviduals or groups/teams - number of lessons/practices over certain period of time with continuous development of the player's game:

- Short-term - week/weekend with multiple hours of training daily - for individuals or groups, can besides stroke analysis and work on the strokes also include conditioning, match analysis, mental preparation and other apects based on players wishes and needs. For optimal long standing effect and further development, repetitions are recommended. Cooperation with coaches at home is possible a desired.

- Mid-term - series of practices over longer period of time (for example winter season) oriented towards continuous development of players game, individuals or groups/teams.

- Long-term - continuous player development and build-up to reach the own limits, complexe care and management are also possible, mainly individuals or smaller groups, either on continuous personal basis or on basis of repetitive consultings with periods of home training inbetween.

Please contact us for detailed discussion to find out what would best suit you or your children.


3/ Player assesment

Analysis of players current state and his/her potential in competitive tennis up to the world class. Consists of stroke and patterns observation, match situation observation, eventually easy test of other (more efficient) stoke varieties, discussion/consulting about players goals and possibilities as well as recommendations. Available for juniors as well as already active professional players. Prices starting from US$ 250.00


4/ Longtime player development programs

You want to reach high in tennis, we will guide your way. Starting with assesment of your game and your chances, we will together plan your development and all steps to be taken. You will learn are the principles, you have to work on. This is about technique, tactics, conditioning, but also about all other aspects like match analysis, nutrition, mental part, media presentation, marketing and other fields involved. You can be guided daily, weekly or just with longer breaks inbetween, based on your wish and the possibilities. This program can be adapted for anybody from around the world and your local personal coach might be also optimaly involved or we can organise a local or travelling coach for you.

Locally in Zurich area, Switzerland, our best competitive players are part of the MBTA Competition Team. Members of this team are besides regulary tennis coaching also recieving help in areas of conditioning, daily programming, scheduling, match guidance and analysis as well as material support from our partner HEAD. The current team members are among others also these significant players of the Swiss tennis scene: Dragana Antic, Marina Sicic, Michael Kunz, Benjamin Hartmann, Ida Ehrat.


5/ Spring Tennis Camps

MBTA's Annual Spring Tennis Camps in Naturns - South Tirol/Italy have a tradition going back to 1991. Here in beautiful surrounding, we are giving you the optimal swing for the coming outdoor season. You train in the group of 3-4 players, every day the focus is mainly on one stroke "Stroke of the Day". Besides technical development based on the current world-class game, big part of the practice (over 50%) is oriented towards specific point/pattern games for practical use of the strokes and fun!! Traditionally, we have very competitive spirit on the courts and very groomed atmosphere besides them and in our georgious Hotel Sunnwies. For competitive and quality oriented player may be the best Tennis Camp you can find all over...


6/ Fulltime Boarding Tennis Academy

This is project for the years to come, currently working on the preparatory steps to open such operations either in Switzerland or in the USA or in both later in this decade.


Please, contact us for detailed information and customising possibilities of all of our programs. All services can be offered world-wide, based on request.