It is my pleasure to provide you with some useful links to the most significant tennis organisations and also to the companies and services, which we use and consider being exceptional for their value & quality (majority of these links are opening inside of this homepage, some few replace this, then please come back). These links should provide you with an easy access to almost any tennis information and give you the possibility to follow the great game of tennis live anywhere in the world as well. Unless otherwise noted, the sites are in English.


TENNIS INFORMATION SERVICES / MEDIA / NETWORKS / HISTORY  - Bob Larson's Tennis – a "MUST HAVE" daily online tennis magazine & newsletter  - A "MUST HAVE" source with most comprehensive information about the tennis game available - Tennis social network with FREE educational features, a "MUST HAVE" for a real tennis lover - Prestigious US. Tennis monthly magazine  -  After its transformation from a weekly to a monthly publication and online information source still interesting place to stop by  - Swiss tennis monthly magazine (German, French)  - Leading German tennis magazine (German)  - 24/7 US. TV tennis channel  - European global TV sports channel with wide range of tennis coverage - The most comprehensive tennis results service provider (small to big event, both male and female)  - Men's tennis results from around the world (even small events)  - Ladies tennis results from across the globe (also small events , coming back soon)  - International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI; USA  - Global job / opportunity information provider  - Small but fine sports media production company (E,F)


COACHES ORGANISATIONS AND LEADING COACHES - World's biggest and leading tennis coaches organisation - Czech Professional Tennis Association (CPTA - in Czech/English partly)  - Top Czech tennis coach and former MBTA's assistant Zdenek Janousek (Czech) - Top Czech tennis coache and MBTA's associate Michal Cech (coming back soon)  - Top Norwegian tennis coach and former MBTA's assistant Christer Francke (coming back soon)  - US. tennis teaching legend Vic Braden, multiple sites across USA  - Private setting academy by Rick Macci, FL; USA - Innovative and dedicated tennis school in Houston, TX; USA  - The world's biggest tennis/sports academy established by Nick Bollettieri, FL; USA  - MGB's site within the USPTA coaches site - Site of a former coach of Jim Courier


NATIONAL / GLOBAL TENNIS GOVERNING BODIES  - Tennis Association of the United States  - Lawn Tennis Association of Great Britain  - French Tennis Association (French/English)  - Australian Tennis Association  - Swiss Tennis Association (German/French) - World governing body of tennis - European governing body of tennis  - Tennis Industry Association - driving power behind the growth of the game of tennis - Society for Tennis Medicine & Science - unique think-tank of this given field


LEADING TOURNAMENTS / TOURS  - Grand Slam tennis tournament in London (June/July)  - Grand Slam tennis tournament in Paris (May/June, English/French)  - Grand Slam tennis event in New York (August/September) - Grand Slam tennis tournament in Melbourne (January) - Biggest woman's European Indoor Tournament in Zurich/Switzerland (October, G/E) - Men's Indoor Tournament in Basel/Switzerland (October, G/E) - Called "Wimbledon of the Alps" - Swiss clay court tournament (July, G/E)  - Governing body of men's professional tennis - Governing body of women's  professional tennis


HEALTH & SPORTS - Leading clinic for sports injuries around Dr. Ben Kibler, Lexington, KY; USA - Leading clinic for preventive medicine around Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Dallas, TX; USA


TENNIS MANUFACTURERS / SUPLIERS - Global sports manufacturer adidas (mainly shoes, clothes) - Global sports manufacturer mainly for racket sports (HEAD, Penn) and skiing - The biggest collection of tennis training/teaching aids  - Tennis Industry Association (ITA) - Driving power behind the growth of tennis - Most comprehensive tennis product supplier  - Tennis product suplier - Maker of famous HANDYCAM series video cameras and other fine electronics usefull for sports


TRAVEL  - TENNIS / SKI -Tennis tour provider - Skiing social network  - Hyatt hotels and resorts - Marriott hotels (also Courtyard - MGB's favourite, Residence Inn, Rennaissance, etc.) - Radisson hotels  - Most friendly family Hotel Sunnwies - South Tirol/Italy - site of MBTA' Annual Spring Tennis Camps (German/Italian)  - Swiss Alpine resort, Swiss Olympic Training Centre, over 10 years (1993-2002) home base of MBTA (G/F)  - Leading hotels in Leukerbad-Switzerland with also vast network of business hotels in Germany (German)  - Probably the best racclette & cheese fondue place in the world - Leukerbad (German)  - Probably the most convenient Swiss tennis & ski hotel in Laax (in German) - "The littel big city" Zürich, one of the best cities in the world (German/English) - Probably the best value for money hotel and pasta restaurant in downtown Zürich (German/English) - Swiss Air Lines, one of the world's finest airlines (E/G/ F/ I) - Internet based travel discounter in English - Internet based travel discounter in German


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Swiss based global stock market information (in German) - Leading Swiss and global banking institution (English/German/French/Italian)  - New York based US. stock market information - Securities information of the United States


SWISS LOCAL SERVICES OF EXCELLENT VALUE & QUALITY - Everything around PC with home service & delivery in Zurich area (G) - Creative not only shirt printig service of excellent inovation & quality (G)