MBTA's own Natural Tennis Technique teaching system developed in the mid 90's, was first presented during the USTA's Tennis Teachers Conference (TTC) in New York City in August 1997 and then at the German Tennis Congress (VDT/DTB) in Munich in January 1998.

The principle is in using the power from the entire body as well as the body weight and its proper balance for the maximum efficiency in every tennis stroke. This is achieved through proper pretension build-up of the large body muscles (postural muscles) in the preparation phase of the stroke, which is a very natural and health conscious way of developing power. The arm is calmer and its coordinative muscles (effector muscles) can be used for their main function, which is fine coordination. As the effect, the players are gaining more power and still much more control in all of their strokes. This is of course how the majority of the world's top 20 players and the world's-best juniors play today. Because the game is so fast to observe, however, the majority of spectators do not realize the crutially important reference points and what is really going on during the strokes. As a result, they are setting wrong reference points for their own playing or teaching.

The DTBT is constantly updated  based on the development of the game among the best pro players and best upcoming juniors. We do not create a new game. This is always developed by some of the best players. We do, however, observe the progressive tendencies and apply them right away in an easy to understand way, but still in very precise manner, at every level of the game.

Because the best players play in the most efficient way, the DTBT can be used at every level from beginner to the top pro player. The only differencies are in speed, frequency, entire power load and repetition. Players taught under the DTBT principles can experience at any level an unmatched joy of the sound strokes, a limitless possibility for further development of their performance and much higher level of aerobic activity and thus higher cardiac output with optimal health benefits!

DTBT is bringing a new philosophy of teaching tennis strokes, where there is no re-learning in later stages of players' development involved. Beginner starts right away with full health-conscious body engagement, immediately gaining the understanding (primary imprint) of proper full body use for the sound tennis strokes. In contrary, most teaching schemes worldwide start with eye-hand coordination, where there is too much focus on hand/arm activity and very limited focus on the full body involvement. This wrong imprint in the early stages of players' development often causes difficulties with their further development, limiting players' achievements at competition level and is the reason so many players leave the game at the recreational/hobby level.

The DTBT was further enhanced by "Development of Skills for the Aggressive All-Court Game", first presented during TTC in New York City in August 1998 and soon after at USPTR International Symposium on Hilton Head Island, SC and at APE Tennis Symposium in Valencia, Spain, both in February 1999. Here, the technical development of the strokes is immediately combined with their versatile combination and proper tactical use.  Next update came with "Racquet Head Speed. Yes, But Smart!" for the first time presented during the 2000 USPTA World Conference on Tennis in Phoenix, Arizona in September 2000. 

The pinnacle of the DTBT's development was reached with "The Last 20% of the Shot Trajectory Decide It All", with it's premier presentations during the 2003 USPTA World Conference on Tennis in Hollywood, Florida in September 2003 and at the USPTA Competitive Player Development Conference in conjunction with ATP Masters in Houston in November 2003. The principles of the neuro-muscular regulation necessary to reach the ultimate top quality of the tennis strokes are explained in an easy to understand way. The principle lies in the fact that about 80% of the possible total stroke trajectory can be achieved with using mainly the arm motion only. But to reach the last approximately 20%, the entire body rotation is necessary, bringing the entire body weight into the stroke. This, however, is originally blocked in our minds by nature's main imperative -- the necessity to save energy. But focusing at the proper execution of the last 20% of the shot trajectory can void this imperative, thus allowing the player to attain the maximum power and still maintain (calmer arm) a high level of control of his/her tennis strokes.

Combination of the above listed topics presents the most comprehensive but also very natural way of teaching strokes of efficient and successfull tennis game at any level.


All of the above listed  DTBT presentations have had a wide impact at how tennis is taught at many locations worldwide in these days!!!

The DTBT gives you:

What does DTBT consist of ?

Where are the differences to commonly used teaching techniques?

Most of the tennis teaching systems worldwide start with eye-hand coordination and limit for quite a long time players' activity to just moving toward the ball and using mainly arm activity to hit it.

DTBT in contrary focuses from the beginning on using legs and trunk as the main sources of power for the stroke and does not limit tennis to "arm only" hitting activity as described above. Thus, from the start players of any age and ability can compare themself to the best world-class players and build up a game without future limits to their growth. They are enjoying much more pleasant full body activity and health conscious workout with higher and healthier distributed energy expenditure.

Who can get involved?

How can you get involved ?

Players - MBTA offers courses for individual players of any age and ability, as well as for teams and groups, who would like to bring their game to the cutting edge of today's tennis. These courses are available on demand at our headquarters in Horgen/Switzerland and upon request anywhere worldwide. Already our 1-day course can give you the complete information you need. The 5-day course, however, is much better suited for optimal processing and retention of the information. Please contact us to find out what we can do to structure a training schedule to meet your tennis needs.

Teachers/Coaches/Parents - MBTA offers educational courses/seminars on DTBT and strokes of modern tennis. These run several times during the year in our headquarters in Horgen/Switzerland, but can be brought anywhere in the world as well. Please contact us with your request and question.

Franchise System - MBTA is now offering a franchise system to all serious tennis professionals worldwide, interested in taking DTBT as their own teaching system and keeping permanently informed about the further development of the game at the top level in the world.  

The franchise package consists of:

Please contact us today!  Only limited franchise opportunities per region are available!