Based on the mission statements “Making Champions for Tennis and Life” and "Looking for the best ways with common sense" my far-reaching vision is to help any motivated individual or group to achieve the best they can, to reach and enjoy their peak performance in any field they desire.  The overall personal development of each individual is of equal importance and creates the necessary base for that person's real long-lasting success in their chosen field. The responsibility of each person for their own optimal health is also vital to increase the chances of achieving life-long success and fulfilling life happiness.

My vision is to support the positive driving force in each person, to help him/her touch the skies and believe that he/she can really do it, however difficult the task might be. In being successful, he/she can make a positive impact in his/her chosen field and also positively influence his/her surroundings and the entire society. In every case, we are working together with me being the guide and mentor on your journey. However, in this process you are always the decision maker. When you have learned the right steps to be taken, you will be able to walk by yourself and then run! The biggest enemies we are fighting against are negative energy, passivity, laziness, life and career without real goals, and isolation from real life and social responsibility. I cannot and do not want to promise you any quick fixes, but I can however promise you that we are going to work hard in a smart and efficient way, which leads to long-lasting success!

Based on my unique multi-faceted know-how, my main activities are in supporting tennis players/coaches and athletes/coaches from other sports to achieve their very best. These services are available not only to individuals interested in a professional sporting career, but also to every person, regardless of gender, ethnic, age, skill and ability, who really wants to improve in any field to achieve his/her personal goal and enjoy this process.

The next group getting my support are the corporate athletes and athletes of daily life, individuals and groups who want to be better performers in any field and like to profit from the vast experience of sports professionals. Also individuals interested in just a pathway to living a healthier lifestyle are welcome.


"The ones who want, are looking for the ways and the ones who don’t want however, are looking for the reasons” (Anonymous) 

"Please, let me show you the way and be your guide" Dr. Martin G. Baroch