Tennis players at any level from top professionals (ATP/WTA) to receational players, but sharing one aim, going for the best possible at their respective level and enjoying that. As a serious  professional, who believes on very efficient training work based on honest full engagement, logical approach & thinking, optimal progressions towards competitive play, smart planning and the latest knowledge available worldwide, I want and deeply love to work with determined people of any performance level. The attitude is the key, not the talent! On the other side I do not want to have to repeatedly ask anybody for better working ethics. Players needing somebody to ask them for harder work all the time or players looking mainly for a "cool" coach and cheap solutions are most probably wrong here. All players willing to really go for reaching their horizons are always very welcome. Then and only then also the success is guaranteed!  

The first customer, back in 1983, was Jiri Zavadil (CZE, today GER and coach in Bavaria), it continued with top Czech juniors Jan Krejci (later ATP top 500 and 3 time ITA All-Star Team) and Sandra Kleinova (later top 50 WTA), then with Petr Korda (conditioning coach 1987-88, breaking into top 100 ATP for the first time, later ATP # 2). Since establishing the MBTA in 1991, the wide spectrum of customers is reaching from professional players over top juniors to motivated recreational players from all over the world.

From professional field the main clients in the past have been: Petr Korda, Martin Strelba, Sandra Kleinova, Jan Krejci, Kristina Triska, Eva Birnerova, Karoline Steiro (NOR). Consulting support today goes mainly to Eva Birnerova, Hana Sromova and Vania King.

From top Swiss players the main customers have been: Andrei Savchuk, Jerome Allet, Jessica Anner, Laurent Domb, Marco & Sando Scheuble (Swiss Junior Interclub Champions 2002), Viktoria Schweizer and Simone & Yannis Haubensak among others.

Big part of the worldwide activities is aiming towards planting the seed of the efficient tennis development throught educational courses and seminars for tennis coaches/teachers as well as coaches certifications under both the USPTA and CPTA. Seminars and courses for coaches, which  I have conducted, gave me the chance to support tennis development in following countries so far: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Norway, USA, Japan, Mexico.

The educational-documentary movie "A Tennis Champion Is Born" was since 1995 shown over 50 times Europe-wide on DSF (Deutsches Sportfernsehen) and was sold as a video on every continent.



The main customers have been Karin Roten (CH, 1995/6 - 1996 Vice World Champion in Giant Slalom and 10th in 1995/6 Alpine Ski World Cup Overall Ranking) and Jörg Roten (1995/7), both skiers worked with me on their complex physical and mental preparation as well as on their career development.

In addition our tennis and general performance services have been repeatedly used by Swiss National Men's Downhill Ski Team and Liechtenstein National Ski Team.



Individual athletes from soccer, ice hockey, fencing - all seaking improvement of their general and specific performance based on the optimal combination of physical, mental and emotional capacities!



US. Air Force Academy - seminars for their tennis team and for coaches and educators about champion building!

Performers of daily life seeking better performance and healthier lifestyle.