MGB Sports GmbH/LLC was formed in summer 2001 under the Swiss law as the corporate structure over the international teaching and global educational activities and services provided by Dr. Martin G. Baroch (MGB). In the fall of 2007 also the internet activities around the new social networks www.MyTennisWorld.net and www.MySkiWorld.net are running under the roof of the MGB Sports GmbH/LLC.

MBTA & HPC daily programs at our base in Horgen, Switzerland are run privately directly by Dr. Martin G. Baroch (MGB).

All of our services are primarily offered at our base in Horgen, Switzerland (near Zurich) but can be brought to you anywhere in the world upon request.

MGB focuses on three (3) main areas:

1) Martin Baroch Tennis Academy (MBTA) - provides comprehensive tennis training programs, consulting and related education for professional tennis players, motivated players of all ages with high ambitions at any level of the play and cutting edge education programs, as well as seminars/consulting for tennis coaches/teachers. The tennis training at any level of the play is based on MBTA's own, worldwide acclaimed, most body efficient and health conscious "Dynamic Total Body Tennis" (DTBT) system, which incorporates the "Last 20% Decide It All!!!" neuro-muscular principles necessary for reaching the ultimate success in tennis (besides all other fields...). Most dedicated local tournament players from our program can enter the MBTA-COMPETITION TEAM. A significant part of our efforts also goes towards worldwide activities supporting the quality growth of the game of tennis the world over - DTBT World Tour, Coaches Education.

2) Martin Baroch Human Performance Center (MBHPC) - provides complex health-conscious performance enhancement programs, guidance/coaching, consulting and related education for performers (mainly professionals) in different sports, demanding businesses and special fields (Performance Coaching) as well as in other areas of life including healthy lifestyle & nutrition (Life Coaching).

3) MGB Management & Marketing (MGBMM) - offers a wide range of comprehensive management and consulting services in tennis and other sports and related business fields ranging from player/athlete career build-up, representation/promotion and management over investment opportunities and insurance questions up to consulting for the tennis associations, tennis resort and facility management. Because of our global operations, MGBMM can build on far reaching referral contacts not only in the tennis and sports industries worldwide, but also in many other related fields.

Generally speaking, MBTA & HPC and MGB Sports GmbH/LLC are able to assist you with any serious need around tennis and sports as well as with the performance enhancement in different fields, anywhere in the world. For services beyond our area of expertise you can profit from our vast partnership network with world-class experts in other fields. Our goal is to be your "One Stop Complete Solution Provider".

The LINKS on this homepage give you easy access to many websites of significant organizations in the tennis world, to provide you with additional resources for finding almost any important information you might be looking for.

In addition to being a corporate structure (100% owned by Dr. Martin G. Baroch) for the above listed activities, MGB Sports GmbH/LLC also holds minority interests in our long time partner companies HEAD and adidas.  Additionally, it also holds minority interest in the modern technology companies: World Water & Power Corporation (WWAT), Xethanol (XNL), General Electric (GE), etc.